Carolyn Tracy

Who I am...


I am happy.  I am fulfilled.  I am searching.  I am always searching for more of an extended family.  People who are excited about living each day to its fullest with laughter and creativity.  I am searching for people open to sharing their ideas.  I am searching for people open to new ideas, no, excited about new ideas.  I am searching for families open to new families to share their lives.  I am searching for a way to make my world a better place to live for my family and all those around me. 



I am designing models, homes and public spaces and enjoy it immensely; however I want to find a group of fellow designers, creators and artists to work with.  I enjoy helping builders, developers and architects create beautiful communities that bring fulfillment and joy to those who will eventually live in them.  During my lifetime, I want to create what people want but can't find.  I want to create open environmental spaces to live and work in for myself and those around me.  I want to fill them with treasures from around the world to remind me of those that have come before me and created beautiful things.  I want to create communities of like-minded individuals working to create a better world.  I want to work with prefab housing.  I want to be able to live without air conditioning and let natures' breezes run through my space.  I want my home to radiate warmth literally and figuratively.  I want to create and live in communities where people are open to new resources and ideas, where the environment is constantly changing with new ideas and better ways of living.  I want the communities I design to be living organisms that constantly renew themselves.  I want to have children playing outside.  I want to have teenagers creating and living outside.  I want the schools for my children to be my children living, not memorizing.  I want to have adults communing together and sharing their lives.  I make music with instruments, love and laughter!

I want to work with people who share my wants.

Look around.  There are pictures of what I have done and what I would like to do and writings about what I don't know how to do....yet

Feel free to comment, I would love to know what you are thinking and wanting.


                                                                                                                                    Carolyn Tracy